Cherna Moskowitz

Irving Moskowitz giving to the city of Hawaiian Gardens

Irving Moskowitz was born in 1928. He is an American businessman, a retired physician and a philanthropist who built his business empire buying and running several hospitals, as well as running gambling/casino businesses in California. Irving Moskowitz is the founder of the Eponymous, which is a foundation he created to help the needy in the society regardless of their race, religion, and politics. For instance, the fund has helped to raise funds for Jewish housing project. 

Additionally, Irving Moskowitz has another foundation called the Moskowitz foundation which helps many people particularly the children who are in need of education. As a result, many children have benefited from this foundation through the millions of dollars that have been offered through this foundation. Irving is also assisted by his wife, Cherna Moskowitz in his philanthropic activities.

The Irving Moskowitz also supported the Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank. The Hawaiian Gardens food bank is a non-profit organization where the needy people go to receive free groceries and food vouchers. As a result numerous people, in their thousands, have received food assistance through this foundation.

The Hawaiian gardens bingo club is being run by Cherna Moskowitz, who is the president of the foundation. Additionally, their sons also work at the foundation. Most of the proceeds from the Irving Moskowitz Hawaiian gardens are used for charitable activities in the society.

The philanthropy of Irving Moskowitz and Cherna Moskowitzdoes not end there; they have also constructed a sports complex in Hawaiian Bingo club for children who love sports to play there. The reason why Irving Moskowitz is giving so much to the city of Hawaiian gardens is stemmed from his belief that aiding people from a small city such as Hawaiian gardens can significantly make a difference in the community.  This shows the level of commitment of Irving Moskowitz and Cherna Moskowitzto the city of Hawaiian gardens because it is among the sole beneficiary of their charitable activities. Perhaps the reason why these two great people have made so much difference in place is due to the fact that they share the same philosophy.

Additionally, the Irving Moskowitz foundation has built a fully equipped public library (with new books and computers), a state of the art sports center at Fiddle school, and a public safety center. These facilities have helped to raise the development level of Hawaiian gardens and transformed it into a place where people can study and do their sporting activities. It is evident that the Moskowitz's have indeed transformed the people of Hawaiian gardens through their charitable works.


The Irving Moskowitz Foundation


Irving Moskowitz and Cherna Moskowitz has helped with the recovery of thousands by supporting the recovery mission.